Pizza Expo 365 Challenge

Box Challenge


Dublin, Ireland

The design is inspired by infinity (PI is an infinite number), the quest for ‘perfection’, and the complex protein structure of our pizza dough.

Our pizza box is a living embodiment of PI's mission:

great hospitality
delicious pizza
 beautiful spaces

It brings the story of the brand, and the values we hold dear, from our home into yours.

When Government-mandated lockdowns to combat Covid-19 shut down the hospitality sector for sit-in dining, we were forced to pivot to a delivery-only model.

Unable to welcome guests into the beautiful space of our restaurant (winner of a Royal Institute of the Architects of Ireland (RIAI) Award), we really wanted to bring that same consideration, design sensibility and attention to detail to a custom-branded, 100% compostable pizza box.

The brand name, PI, is at the heart of the design, presented in a mesmerising arrangement that speaks to the meaning behind the name and the sleek aesthetic and beautiful space of the restaurant.

The instructions on the box speak to our mission of great hospitality and delicious pizza, recognising, as they do, that we are not in complete control of how the pizza reaches the customer, but ensuring the customer is empowered to achieve a restaurant-quality experience befitting of our reputation.