Pizza Expo 365 Challenge

Challenge Recipe


By Stefano Carniato | Piola


· Spread sauce and cheese evenly on top of pizza.

· Start from center and work towards outside edges.

· Spread in circles around center of pizza.

· BAKE between 2 minutes 30 seconds to 3 minutes in the brick oven

Add the rest of ingredients after baking:

· Add the prosciutto crudo heavenly all around the pizza

· Cut the ball of burrata cheese with your hands and spread heavenly on pizza (4 pieces)

· Add a drizzle of orange oil all over the pizza

· Add the basil leave around the center of the pizza

· Distribute ingredients evenly across entire surface of pizza.

Serve immediately, as the burrata cheese is watery and creamy. It can make the pizza soggy.

Orange Oil recipe:

1 Orange

350 grams Virgin Olive Oil

· Scrape the orange peels without the white pith. Use a knife and toss the peels into a baking pan.

· Leave the peels to dry in the entrance of the pizza oven (DO NOT put inside the oven)

· Once the orange peels are dry, place them in a 16oz container

· Add the olive oil and let infuse for 2 days.