Pizza Expo 365 Challenge

Box Challenge

Greenville Avenue Pizza Company

Dallas, TX

What is larger than life and can take over a city? We its... The Pizza Slayer! Here we have a 40ft woman pizza slayer wrecking havoc on Dallas. You can see her chasing the pizza people all over town ready to slice them up with her custom pizza cutter. Now the outside features a full bleed 4 color design with our logo bold on the front. Now on the sides is where we get to have some fun. Unfortunately they only allow two pictures, so I guess you will have to come order a pizza to see the rest of the design. JK, well kind of. I do want to come try our pizza, but I will go ahead and tell you about the rest. The sides feature some funny one-liners that ask our customers to text us there feed back. Now we don't waste any piece of our box, so the bottom is also utilized with a map of all our locations and a little nugget of info from our box manufacturer. Slay Pizza, but do be ready for the Attack of the 40ft. Pizza Slayer.