Pizza Expo 365 Challenge

Box Challenge

Pietrini Pizza Napoletana

Los Alamitos, CA

Our Pizza box represent's our family's dream of 30 plus years finally being realized in the opening of our first restaurant which is truly a family affair. My husband is half Sicilian, half Italian and has incorporated some of his old family recipes with his own twist on them. Our daughter created the Logo (actually the entire box) which is her personal handwriting with a brush stroke of red representing sauce and the green basil...The red, white and green of Italy. We are an upscale pizza restaurant, but with a fun, playful side! We believe this box captures it all as well as our commitment to hot, tasty ingredients with only the freshest ingredients. Each side shares parts of our info... our phone, our insta, website, our address, and the fact that we are hand tossed Wood fired!